Bio Diversity loss & Climate Change are the greatest issues we face today. Participate as a Changemaker to save our beautiful planet.

Fall in love with nature all over again and discover your inner reflections

Nature always opens the doorway to bridging our intuitive and logical aspirations. When creativity and intellect blend in harmony, they take us towards a greater wholesomeness, giving way to a transformational change.

"Nature is Art for ConservationTM" project achieves this harmony and introduces people to Citizen Science. This fine art photography project draws people to nature and helps them experience Intrigue, Curiosity and Wonder. This unique Art Movement for Climate Action will inspire one to become a Citizen Scientist and rediscover the artist, photographer, and learner in them. It will transform them into storytellers who can inspire others to play an active part in the story of environment protection.

Find Exciting Opportunities For You and Your Organisation

  • Rekindle your passion and celebrate your aesthetic sensibilities as you travel through the exhibition images
  • Listen to a talk on the role of photography for environment from the founder of this art movement
  • Learn about the power of Citizen Science
  • Participate in an exclusive nature photography contest and win recognitions
  • Come "Plant a Story". Join us in storytelling with "Discovering Science Through The Lens' films.
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What is this about?

Anil Annaiah's "Nature is Art for ConservationTM" is a Citizen Science initiative using art photography movement where the images challenge your perception of reality and with the educative films "Discovering Science Through The Lens" reveal nature's secret for a Sustainable Environment.

With each image and with each film, the goal is towards building awareness and deeper connection with the beauteous treasure around us and to awaken "A New Life PledgeTM" for Conservation of Biodiversity as Citizen Scientists.

Where has it been?

Various Organisations, Corporates, Educational Institutions, other diverse forums have viewed the exhibitions, watched the films and read the message posters. With this engagement they felt inspired to learn the word Citizen Science and become Citizen Scientists. The creative art journey has proved its impact & magnetism and has got people to fall in love with nature all over again with a fresh perspective. This unique Art Movement for Climate Action opens each year on Earth Day with a new collection at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath. It has journeyed from the year 2014, through Tata Consultancy Services ( 7 locations ), Ants, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore - Environment Day 2014, Round Table School, WIPRO -Environment Day 2015, Jagdale Industries, VAYS Infotech, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, Sri Cauvery College, HSBC Employees - an Introductory talk & exhibition and another Employee Engagement Talk with the Exhibition at Himalaya Drug Company spreading the message of Citizen Science.

Discovering Science Through The Lens

The educational aspect of this fine art nature collection, takes shape as it effectively gets transformed into empowering Citizen Science resource films "Discovering Science Through The Lens" series. These films with an innovative presentation style bring in the scientific and other interesting information of each creative fine art image, building an unique Citizen Science spirit.

What do others think?


"Simple PerceptionsTM" fine art photography brought in the first public exhibition in the year 2000. This was a collection of conceptual images photographed with 35mm and Medium Format cameras, using B&W Negatives and Colour Reversal Films from the year 1988 onwards to the year 2000. This journey has continued with more images of nature and more perspectives over the years. Simple Perceptions brought in the new series of images to support and empower a concept "Nature is Art for Conservation" a Citizen Science initiative. This exhibition opened on Earth Day 2014, for the second consecutive year on Earth Day 2015 & for the third year on Earth Day 2016 Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath art gallery in Bangalore. The photography presented have pure artistic compositions and not retouched with filters or digital enhancing post effects.

Some sample pictures from the exhibition

Anil Annaiah's Art Images & Film Installations was a part of the Time and Space Gallery - Healing Nature: Restoring Balances Group Show in Bangalore. Curator Mrs Renu George